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About Direct Relief

Direct Relief is the largest international nonprofit organization in the state of California and runs the largest charitable medicine program in the United States. Direct Relief is based in Santa Barbara County and is active in all fifty states as well as in over 90 countries around the world. Most recently, Direct Relief has been dedicating a lot of resources to COVID-19 relief. The organization’s ongoing work enables them to respond effectively during times of need. For more information about Direct Relief, visit the website at ​​​​​

About Youth4DirectRelief

Currently, Youth4DirectRelief has clubs at the following high schools and junior high schools in the Santa Barbara area:



New clubs are forming on an ongoing basis. If you attend a school that does not currently have a club and would like more information about how to start a club, please contact the site administrator on our contact page.

Youth4DirectRelief Activities

Each club organizes individual meeting dates at their school. Typically meetings occur during lunchtime while school is in session. At meetings, club members discuss Direct Relief efforts, host speakers on topics of interest, and organize fundraising activities. All schools participate in both the annual fall kick-off at Direct Relief headquarters and the annual flower delivery program in April. Student members can receive community service hours for their participation.

Start A Club

If you are interested in starting a Direct Relief club at your school, please click the link below and check out the Youth4DirectRelief handbook. If you have and fundraising ideas for Direct Relief, click here to visit our Crowdrise page.

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